Metallic nozzles C4 F5 & X1 F5

For the use of effect & metallic powder coatings

Mã sản phẩm: Metallic nozzles C4 F5 & X1 F5

The new F5 metallic nozzles for manual and automatic guns enable a significant quality increase in the use of difficult effect & metallic powder coatings.

The new nozzles were specially developed for the WAGNER PEM-X1 manual gun and the PEA-C4 automatic gun. Their special internal geometry prevents powder deposits on the inside of the nozzle when using highly pigmented metallic paints in a wide variety of areas, such as metal furniture, household appliances, motorcycles or in the automotive industry.

  • Less rework by avoiding powder deposits
  • High application efficiency, optimized electrode position and uniform powder cloud
  • Fast & reliable colour change thanks to low effort for cleaning the guns